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Questionnaire responses March 2017

Thank you for all your responses to the questionnaire.  Please see the feedback below:


St Bernard’s responses:

Comments received included:

‘staff work really hard to accommodate my child’s needs’

‘the Maples sessions really helped with building confidence and independence’

‘very impressed’

‘progress is wonderful’

‘always varied activities”

‘stimulating environment!’

‘the school works more effectively than any other professionals!’

‘great communication’

‘my child’s just started, so I have lots of worries that are always addressed’

‘my child is making good progress, especially in impendence, maths and writing’

‘it’s a fantastic school, well led, great communication and all about the child’


‘school keep in constant touch with all aspects of school life’

‘we already have! Approachable and kind staff, who make a safe learning environment”

‘excellent school, my child continues to improve’

‘best school I’ve known, great school and staff’ 

‘the best school ever been to’

‘we are incredibly happy with the school, there is a lot of communication between home and school using email, diary.  Our son is attempting so much more at home, which shows us how much he’s doing at school – wish we’d moved him earlier’ 

‘open door policy works well for me’

‘she would go everyday if she could!’


You Said:

We have, will…

Communication could be better from 3rd parties, physiotherapy, speech therapy:

We will pass this feedback on to therapy services and team leaders.


A range of parents feel weekly works well and also suggestion of monthly.

More detail of upcoming events



‘No need for paper copies and electronic’


‘Change parent mail’


Content to focus on news, upcoming events, what the students have been doing, sharing celebrations, achievements, awards and what’s happening in the local area.




Add on staff changes and photos.


We will continue with weekly newsletters currently.

This information has been passed to key staff and the member of the business team who brings the newsletter together.

We are currently investigating a new system to use of both online payments and sharing information.  Once in place we will ask you what method you prefer – our preference would be to not send any paper copies in time.

We will continue to work with staff to further develop the content on the newsletters and websites in respect of what the students are up to.

I have asked that any staff changes be also added to the newsletters, with photos if staff agree.

Can we add menus to the newsletters.

We will investigate this to see if it works with the size of the pages.

The menus can always be accessed via the websites, Parents – school meals – lunch menu.

Replace end of year reports with 3 meetings a year based on ILPs and progress:

There was a general thinking across all parents that they would definitely like the face to face opportunity 3 times a year, but also felt the end of year report was needed.


‘could we make more use of communication methods between home and school?’

‘lots of photos everyday so I know what she’s been doing’




Along with a new curriculum offer, we will be using a new assessment system from September. This will allow for printed progress reports at any time in the year across all areas of development linked to the EHC (by Dec 18).

The system will also allow us to share with you (securely) photos, videos, records in real time as they happen via the use of ipads, phones, etc. You would therefore be able to see what your child is achieving in real time, read teacher comments and view all progress elements within these 3 meetings. Therefor not needing the end of year report.  This is also a more effective use of teacher time with your children and supports teacher workload.

Can we use the facebook page to share more news and reminders

I have passed this onto the member of business support who deals with facebook, newsletters to action.

Have an onsite physio

The long term view of the trust would be to have a core service team that support across the schools within the trust, including physiotherapy.

We will continue to work towards this with every opportunity.

We are re appointing to the physical liaison role to support communication between therapists, schools and home, as well as supporting the delivery of programmes in school.

Have a nurse based in school

The long term view of the trust would be to have a core service team that support across the schools within the trust, including health professionals, nursing.

We will continue to work towards this with every opportunity.

For all students to access Maples

Maples educational provision is legally allocated through the need as part of educational provision under the EHC.  Social care opportunities / short break can only legally be accessed following an assessment of need.

We are now running opportunities for upper school to access on a rolling programme as part of developing key skills for life after school, linked to their EHC outcomes.  This is on a targeted and time limited approach and agreed through the EHC process.

We are also supporting and ‘intervention’ place, again supported through the EYHC process and time limited in order to support key area that are barriers.  So far this has support students who are experiencing severe anxiety around transitions, developing complex communication, or independence.

Have a large hardcore playground with sports activities outside

We are continually looking to develop the school, grounds and provision and are putting in bids for funding through the Education Funding Agency annually.  Bids are also being sought to develop the outside area.

Have clubs and day care during holidays

Again the ambition of the trust would be to have this in place. The areas we would need to address are funding for staff time, facilities costs and from previous experiences transport has been a barrier, for some who live a distance away.  Action for children continue to run provision during the large holidays, currently.

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