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Questionnaire responses March 2018

Thank you for all your responses to the questionnaire.  Please see the feedback below:


Comments received included:

‘The school has lots of time for children’

‘My child is happy and well cared for’.

‘It caters for all my child’s needs and she has fun’.

‘Very supportive school’

‘My child is making progress which is evident from his choices at home. We are very happy with everything’.

‘My son had never been happy at school until he came here’.

‘More than happy with the progress he is making here’.

‘Post 16 is brilliant – engaging and proactive staff, fabulous activities timetabled to engagement in learning and be independent whilst having fun!’

‘Staff are amazing and will bend over backwards to help and support’.

‘Individualised support for each child’.

‘My child can’t wait to go to school every day so that speaks for itself’.

‘My child is happy and safe at school and makes great progress’.

‘I wouldn’t change anything’


You Said:

We have, will…


Do you find the newsletters useful?

How often would you like a newsletter

How would you like to access news?


What information do you want to see?

Information on school activities

Things going on in school for parents.

Activities related to my child’s class

Past and present events, activities and achievements.

Relevant info, fun fact box for the children – historical, word meaning, help to expand their learning too…

The response was a resounding yes.

The favoured option is to remain weekly.

The favoured options were via newsletters and ParentMail.


Jo Horrocks is currently reviewing the newsletters and working with staff on sharing events, celebrations, alongside the website.

Your suggestions will be part of these discussions.


Some of you asked about the changes in staff across the last year and requested not to have any changes in staff.


We try very hard to keep as much consistency as we can for all our students, alongside building in planned changes to support ongoing development.

However, sometimes change is unavoidable. As I have said we have had a long standing staff team at St Bernard’s and have had some changes with staff retiring, moving to other positions and also experiencing illness.

As an organisation that supports staff development we also sometimes experience our staff moving onto roles as part of their professional development, within and outside of LWF.  Although this is a change it also provides opportunities and a wealth of new skills coming into the school and federation.

We recognize that this is challenging at times and do try our best to plan where possible and react as well as we can when we have events that occur beyond our control.

With recent appointments we do now have / will have a completed team moving forwards by the end of April. 

parking outside could be better if the grassed area wasn’t there


We have tried previously to change the parking in these areas but we have to maintain ‘green’ space.

However, hopefully with building works we will be changing the parking, access to site and entrance areas to enable better parking.

perhaps receipts for schools meals taken? But no big deal

With a reintroduction of parentmail we will be able to take registers for lunches electronically and then issue receipts / logs for meals taken.

This is currently being trialed in school.

more swimming

Swimming and hydrotherapy are a really important part of the support programmes and education for our students for a number of reasons.  All these activities are approached on an individual basis and always to also gain a balance of programmes in meeting the wide range of education, health and wellbeing needs.

We have invested heavily in the maintenance of our pool across the year and staff training, which is now paying dividends in the decrease in closures.

If you have any particular concerns around the amount your child accesses, please get in touch.

updated classrooms


As you are aware we have been applying for CIF funding to the DfE, to support building renovations.

We will continue to apply through this route annually.

As I have said we are also hoping that if / when the SEND specialist school review is adopted we will then access funding through that route to update the school to ensure we have learning spaces fit for purpose.

More funding..

There has been a review of the SEND funding model for specialist schools in the previous months, which has supported some increases in line with student needs moving forwards.

As always we invest heavily in staff as our largest resource to facilitate and support teaching and learning, and student access to interventions as required.

can students stay on beyond post 19

Transition to adulthood is a challenging time for all.  We are designated to support to 19 years and then enable and support our students to access the most appropriate provision, working in partnership with parents, carers, SEND team, post 19 in line with their aims and aspirations.

The Trust, LWCT continues to deliver a provision within the social care arena (personal budgets), within the Avenue.


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