Daily transport to and from school is provided free of charge by Transport Services Group at City Hall in Lincoln who use an approved operator database.

All drivers and passenger assistants (escorts) are vetted and DBS checked before being issued with their authorisation badge.

Within LWF we recognise that a difficult start / end to the day can often lead to a whole difficult day and this is something we most definitely want to avoid if at all possible.  Athough the transportation of students to and from school can be difficult, members of staff are present to meet and greet the transport and ensure pupils are on the correct buses/taxis and dropped off and collected safely.  There are also some simple things we can all do to make it easier, pleasant and hopefully even fun.

We would actively encourage you to use the following guide so you can help to make things go well...

  • Ensure your child knows that seatbelts are fitted on all school transport vehicles and they must be worn by children at all times.
  • It helps if we are all positive. It’s difficult enough for our students to deal with change so the more we support them as adults the easier it will be for them.
  • It may help for students to have something to do on their journey. Books, music or games are a good idea and will be stored safely at school so don’t worry.
  • Food and drink may not be consumed on transport.
  • Under no circumstances must any passenger distract the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  • If you have a problem then your first point of call is the school. It is easy to get hot under the collar but taking a step back and phoning somebody at school will usually result in any problems being sorted quickly and calmly. We will then contact the transport team on your behalf. If you feel you need to talk to the transport team directly then we can also support with this.

Should there be heavy snow fall or other extreme weather during the day—this is what happens:

  1. Transport make the decision on pick up times from school
  2. Transport let school know
  3. Parents are called to ensure someone will be at home - this may be by the transport company or school.

For any change of route requests due to early pick up please contact Transport directly—ask reception if you do not have number.

If you are not contacted, assume that your child will arrive home as normal.

For further information contact school or alternatively the transport team within Lincolnshire County Council:

Rachelle Hoy, Transport Assistant - Additional Needs, EBSS, Children's and Adult Social Care North

Passenger Transport Unit.  Tel: (01522) 782020 :

Anne Harrison,

PTU, Crown House, Grantham Street, Lincoln, LN2 1BD.  Tel: (01522) 782020 :

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