Ofsted Reports

In July 2018, Ofsted visited to conduct a short inspection which means that rather than a full report, a letter is published highlighting current findings and next steps.

Specific next steps mentioned were:

  • Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:
    • they further refine assessment systems to ensure that pupils of all abilities can make strong progress
    • they scrutinise the monitoring of attendance while ensuring that the school providing the support pupils need to attend as regularly as possible
    • they ensure that pupils have access to a wide range of qualifications to enable them to fulfil their potential.

To view the letter please click here.

St Bernard's school's last full inspection by Ofsted was in May 2013 and received the rating of Good.

Specifically mentioned improvements mentioned were:

  • The dedicated and ambitious executive headteacher makes sure the school keeps moving forward.
  • The drive for continual improvement is shared by senior and other leaders and this thread runs right through the school.
  • Effective ways of checking teaching keeps it good and rapidly improving.
  • The school sets challenging targets for all pupils and an increasing number achieve them. Careful recording of pupils’ progress shows this is improving all the time.
  • Pupils’ smiles when they arrive at school each morning show they feel safe and happy.
  • Parents agree with this wholeheartedly, one saying they would like to come to the school too, if they could.
  • Membership of the Lincolnshire Wolds Federation has opened up a whole new range of opportunities for pupils.
  • Staff in the residential and education parts of the school work well together.
  • Behaviour in lessons is usually good and often outstanding. Staff are well trained and manage any difficult behaviour effectively and sensitively.
  • There are frequent opportunities for pupils to practise things they have learnt on their own.
  • The sixth form is good and gives students a variety of useful experiences both within the federation and further afield.
  • Governors know the school’s strengths and areas for improvement

Improvements suggested to move the school towards an Outstanding rating have been put in to the School's Improvement tab.

To view the full report please click St Bernard's School Ofsted Report - March 2013


Maples, the residential section of St Bernard's is inspected separately on an annual basis and consistantly receives an Outstanding rating. 

St Bernard's Ofsted Residential Report - July 2018

St Bernard's Ofsted Residential Report - July 2017

St Bernard's Ofsted Residential Report - July 2016


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