Lower School

Pupils within Lower school are grouped according to their individual learning needs, in order for them to maximise learning opportunities throughout their day. Pupils within the Yellow class follow a sensory based curriculum which promotes connecting and responding, alongside developing necessary life skills. Pupils within Pink class  follow a structured routine, which enables learners to develop early independent skills.

Planning for pupil’s within Lower School centres on the specific needs of each pupil, providing them with a truly ‘bespoke’ curriculum. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are set from the outcomes within a pupil’s Education and Healthcare Plan (EHC) and are a key feature of their individualised daily timetable, which also incorporates early English and Maths skills. Intervention programmes, such as Intensive Interaction, Rebound Therapy, Sensory Integration and Physiotherapy may be identified within the pupil’s ILPs, which are also built in to their timetable. 

Pupils follow a play based approach to learning, whether through the Early Years Foundation Stage or National Curriculum, depending on their age. The curriculum theme changes each short term which is linked to the theme across the Federation and parents join us in class each term to be part of a topic themed fun day. Pupils are able to generalise their skills within different contexts during the day, such as in the outdoor learning environment, within the sensory room or though planned learning sessions at the St Lawrence site.

The Young Journalist Academy put together a magazine for new students starting at St Bernard's. To view it click on the link below:

Lower School magazine

Term 1 Newsletter

Term 3 Newsletter

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