Middle School

We have recently had some changes to Middle school to ensure that all of our students are able to access learning activities to suit their individual learning styles and needs.

There are 3 main class groups but these are divided into smaller groups in some cases.

Middle 1 has 3 groups: a sensory based learning space, a TEACCH space where individual workstations are set up to enable our learners with autism to develop independent learning and also a class area which meets the needs of some of the learners who benefit from more structured small group learning activities.

Middle 2 has one learning space for those studentswho are working at a level where they are able to access an increased curriculum timetable. The pace is quite quick in this group and the students are able to share their learning experiences in different ways.

Middle 3 also has 3 groups: a small nurture based group which focusses on a quiet and low stimulus curriculum to enable the pupils to access their learning in a way which is less demanding and more focussed on emotional needs. There is also another sensory group and a TEACCH space.

The groups in Middle School have been set up to allow increased independence. All groups have the opportunities to mix for social experiences and we pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable.

All classes follow structured timetables where the focus is on individual learning plans and key skills during the mornings. This may include sensory integration, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. All students have very personalised curriculums which reflect their needs, as outlined in their Education Health Care Plans.

During afternoon sessions some groups access topic work which is planned from a theme.

All groups have the opportunity to enhance their learning through access to other settings and also visitors in school. A popular outing is to visit the Rural Activities Area at St Lawrence School, this also allows us to meet with other groups from across the Federation. We are also planning more social activities including some sports sessions across the Federation.

Visits out into the community include library visits, shopping at local supermarkets and visiting some local landmarks and attractions. These always link into personalised learning programmes and ILPs. We are also lucky to have some amazing visitors in school to enable all of our young people to have a variety of experiences. These have included an African drummer, a dental nurse, music workshops and we are planning some outdoor projects with Louth in Bloom.

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Newsletter 1 - September 2017

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