St Bernard’s School is situated in Louth and is close to many local amenities and learning opportunities within the community such as the local leisure centre, which is just across the road.  The school caters for students aged from 2-19 and serves a wide catchment area, including the east coastal strip. 

All students attending the school have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)  which identifies outcomes and provision to meet these. The only exception to this is when a child may be accessing an assessment place in the Early Years Department. 

The school positively supports students with a wide range of learning difficulties. Some students have, in addition, other conditions which impact on their learning. These may include autism, communication difficulties, complex health issues, sensory processing difficulties, physical disabilities, profound and multiple disabilities and sensory impairment. However, the ethos of the Federation and school is one of celebrating success and supporting students in learning for life.  

The learning environments are designed to be low-arousal and much of the teaching is supported visually to enhance the processing of information. The school has a hydrotherapy pool, a purpose-built food technology room and large outside play areas.

The curriculum supports the students’ holistic development. Each student will have Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) which are taken from the identified outcomes in the Education Health and Care Plan. These, together with age-specific curricular, form the students’ delivery of learning.

Early Years: The Early Years department follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is taught through half termly topics and incorporated into a play-based style of learning.

KS 1,2,3. The curriculum at this part of school focuses on national curriculum subjects delivered through termly themes or topics. These are inspired by the students’ interests and are  therefore highly motivating and engaging.

KS 4/5. The Upper school department focuses on promoting independence and relevant communication skills through both accredited schemes and learning experiences both on and off site.  There are positive relationships with post-school providers such as day placements and  specialist colleges . This ensures that the young person’s aspirations are at the heart of their learning and supports a smooth and successful transition from school to the next stage of their future.

Ann Stebbings, Head of School


St Bernard's is part of the Lincolnshire Wolds Federation, working alongside St Lawrence in Horncastle. Our mission statement is ‘Learn for life and work for the future through inspiring, purposeful and personalised learning every day'.  

We believe that our students deserve only the very best, so therefore as an organisation we will achieve our mission statement by “Outstanding” being our benchmark. We need to be judged outstanding by our students, Parents/Carers and the local community, in all the areas of education and care that we provide.

We are constantly striving to improve the lives of our students through their environment and experiences. The curriculum across the Federation is tailored to ensure that students develop their functional use of literacy/communication and numeracy in all aspects of their daily lives, through an integrated, thematic approach, based on their main barriers to learning, as identified within their statements of need. Our aim is to ensure that our students gain a wealth of experiences and skills that prepare them for life after school. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a thread that binds all experiences that our pupils learn from and encounter.

The Academy Advocate Body and highly skilled staff from both sites continually aim and work towards providing the highest level of care and education for all students within the Federation. We hope you can find all the information you need in this website - if not, please do not hesitate to contact either school with your query. Thank you for your interest.

Lea Mason, Executive Head

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St. Bernard's School
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